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5 steps to Upgrade your Money Mindset and Wealth immediately 

Go from feeling stressed & guilty & worried about money all the time
always feeling confident & in-control of your money situation

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Hi, I'm Madiha Rukhra.

I am a Money Mindset Mentor and Profit Strategist for 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs seeking to create & scale a stress-free, purposeful and passionate PROFITABLE BUSINESS & PROSPEROUS LIFE..

Where they are living a MEANINGFUL LIFE serving their MISSION & making Magnanimous MONEY through their business

I am a dual qualified Chartered Accountant, equivalent to CPA in North America. My Purpose and Passion in life is to assist ambitious, passionate and powerful entrepreneurs derive the high financial Profits they deserve from their efforts, and go beyond the everyday hustle and immediately start living the RICH, WEALTHY and ABUNDANT LIFE!

Money Mindset + Money Management + Money Strategy (MMS) = Meaningful Money in Life & Business

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''I love Madiha's approach; she has a way of making this nagging financial tasks look easy and clear. I feel I know how to handle my finances better and keep track of every aspect of it"

Elsewine Rietveld

Confidence Coach

''If you want to transform your business plan into numbers, Madiha is, hands-down, the expert go-to person for all your business financial needs. I worked with Madiha to create financial plan to present to Investors for the 2nd round of funding for my children’s educational learning app Ummah Stars (update as suits). Madiha is a very gifted finance person who immediately understood the nature of my business, and got to work on creating an 18 month and 3 year projections the business (including revenue forecast, expense breakdown, profit & loss projections, etc). She did all that with each and simple formats while also providing me with valuable input on the business strategy as a result of the financial analysis. She was very patient while working on this as I was busy and couldnt get back to her for the data she was looking for. We had several meetings in the process and she went far and beyond the deliverables. And I am happy to say that I was also able to obtain funding from one investor and another one on the pipeline! So a total win-win situation. I highly recommend Madiha for your business financial analysis and I would love to work with her again and would definitely recommend her without batting an eye.''

Fouzia Usman

Founder of Ummah Stars, Children's interactive learning App

Madiha Rukhra is an amazing money mindset mentor and financial strategist.
I have been working with her in her Money Abundance Program (MAP), and it has completely changed my perspective around money. I didn’t realize how my previous experiences with money had affected my current relationship with money, especially as an entrepreneur.
Her financial knowledge and money management skills are second to none. I have always been a little hesitant to deal with my finances, and always procrastinated when it came to checking my business accounts and keeping them up to date but Madiha makes it so easy and fun, that I really look forward to our sessions and assignments. The beauty about the Money Abundance Program is that we not only tackle the money mindset, but also the actual numbers and then plan on how to achieve optimized money goals on a consistent basis. I am now well aware of my earnings and savings, and the actual figures necessary to keep the business not only running efficiently but profitably. With Madiha’s guidance I have and already starting to plan for a trip and the down payment for my dream car.
I highly recommend Madiha for anything and everything related to money and finances - for your business and personal finances.

Jeehan Miller​​​​

Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketing Consultant

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